TowerXchange Meetup ASIA 2023

SalTec participated at the TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2023 held on November 28 & 29 at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur. Our participation sparked insightful conversations on Telecom Tower Infrastructure management, AI’s transformative influence, greener networks, and diversification strategies, underscoring our commitment to a sustainable telecom future. At the event, we proudly showcased our eco-friendly innovations, emphasizing the importance of transparency through our Remote Power Monitoring System, which enhances TowerCo reliability and visibility. The attendants of the event had the opportunity to engage with our experts – Salman Quadri, Arshad Alam, and Muhammed Saad Khalil, where meaningful discussions and demonstrations took place. Our team’s dedication to advancing power management and remote monitoring systems for TowerCos was evident throughout the meetup, encapsulating a vision of innovation and collaboration, through which we continue to spotlight SalTec’s role in shaping the telecom industry’s future.