(With Isolation Transformer)

Genset Fuel Saving Device, 70% + Monthly Cost Reduction!


  •  Smart Genset Control based on Battery voltage and/or shelter temperature
  • Genset remains OFF while Battery (or room temperature) condition is healthy
  • Wide Operating voltage (20V to 60V)
  • Password protected front panel programming
  • Three Dry Contact Alarm Outputs for easy interfacing with Telecom NOC
  • Maintains total Battery discharge time & cycles in memory

Dual Genset Duty Cycle Controller, for off-grid Sites, 20% + Monthly Cost Savings!

  • Controlling Two Gensets, with Genset failure alarm, to improve site reliability
  • Two Genset Equal Run duty cycle, with rest, ensures equal wear & tear thus minimizes maintenance costs
  • One Prime Genset Run & Automatic rests
  • Time or Battery based operation
  • Save Cost on Dual DG ATS Panel

Data Monitoring and Remote Management – Ensures and Improves Financial Benefits

  • Seamless integration with SmartMon.Net
  • Monitor & Analyze Genset & Battery performance and remotely optimize device settings as required
  • Smart alert capability to enable predictive actions & preventive maintenance


  • Easy & cost effective upgrade to existing sites
  • Fuel Cost and OPEX Reducing Device
  • Dual Genset duty cycle controller
  • Remotely monitor results and manage operations, with smart alert capability
  • Intelligent Battery and / or Temperature Control
  • Adaptable to +24V or -48V Telecom DC systems or a combination
Gem3 generator manager